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How To Play Blackjack Simple

Blackjack is the most popular table game in the casinos around the world. There is not one casino that would not offer blackjack to its players. Similarly, blackjack is also a very popular online, though no where near as many players at the land based casinos.

The first set covers what to do if the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17 and the second set covers the strategy if the dealer is expected to hit on a soft 17. Each includes three charts that you can use depending on whether your hand is hard, soft, or split. In this article, I’ll explain perfect blackjack strategy and how to use it to your advantage. I’ve focused on playing at a casino, but the same strategies apply if you’re playing online or at a home game. Blackjack is a simple yet exciting card game that pits the player against the dealer to see who will make the best hand without going over a total of 21.

The dealer acts last and must hit 16 points and stand on 17+ points. The dealer deals two face-up cards per player and two to themselves, with one as a hole card (face-down card). Cards from 2-10 are taken for their face value, while face cards J, Q, K have a value of 10. The game starts when all players place their initial bets.

Once all hands have been played, the dealer pays out any winnings, and collects any losing bets. If you have a pair, or two cards that are valued as tens, you can split your hand and double your bet. There is one object of the game when it comes to playing blackjack, and that’s to beat the dealer.

Many skilled players use a strict system based on statistical probability to determine the ideal times to double down. As with splitting cards, that assessment includes what the dealer is showing off the deal, plus other cards that might already have gone into play. The number of decks used also affects the ideal strategy for playing 21 and considering when to double down on your bet.

To get involved, you will need to log on to your account and head for the blackjack tables. If there is a seat free that’s great as you can simply move in and start to play as normal. If, however, all of those seats are taken, a message will flash up stating ‘All seats are occupied but you can place a bet behind any player’. Alternatively, a hand containing a ten and a seven is hard because it is inflexible and the score cannot be changed.

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